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GNev/Scholesy kiss

Oh Manchester is Wonderful! Oh Manchester is Wonderful ...

So, earlier today, on a wet and windy summer day in Manc, the Utd players boarded a bus to drive through Manchester to present their 19th Premier League title to the fans, here is the resulting picspam.
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gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal

sepp to stepp down??

Sepp Blatter will make way for a successor as FIFA president in four years' time if he is re-elected in June, he has announced.

Blatter is seeking a fourth term as FIFA president and is being challenged by Asian confederation chief Mohamed Bin Hammam.

The 75-year-old told UEFA's Congress in Paris on Tuesday that if he wins he will definitely stand down in 2015, saying: "You know very well that I am a candidate for the next four years as FIFA president but these will be the last four years for which I stand as a candidate."
He added: "Together we have the task of bringing together the adventure we have started.
"We want to ensure a better future for our youth."

The new president will be elected at a Fifa Congress which starts on 31 May.

With Bin Hammam vowing to increase Fifa's decision-making power and spread its considerable wealth, Blatter is facing his first challenge since Issa Hayatou took him on - and lost - in 2002.

Bin Hammam is also currently attending the Congress for European football's governing body, Uefa, as they lobby federation presidents for their vote on 1 June in Zurich.
Uefa members make up more than one quarter of the maximum 208 Fifa voters that Blatter and Bin Hammam will attempt to woo.
The winner needs a two-thirds majority of valid votes cast in the first ballot, or a majority in the second.

Fifa has set an 1 April deadline for other candidates to be nominated by a single member federation.
"We are in extra time," said Blatter, referring to the time left before the election. "Let's wait and see what the outcome will be."

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i could have sworn there was a "blatter infection" tag, maybe i just made that up


let's take a break from torres wank. what's fifa currently up to?

 Fears for snoods' future after Fifa raises safety concerns
• Premier League fashion item up for Ifab discussion
• Concerns also raised over tights clashing with shorts

Arsenal's Samir Nasri is warm and happy in his snood.

Premier League players' taste for snoods could prove a short-lived fad after Fifa said it will discuss banning the neck-warmers. Snoods have become increasingly popular after Carlos Tevez and Emmanuel Adebayor started the trend last season, but they are not officially sanctioned kit.

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thoughts on these proposals, ontd_fb?
lol I think keepers should at least be allowed to rock snoods

lookers, both of them

City still joint top of the EPL. Is buying another striker. ontdfb is crying in their sleep.


City is joint top of the EPL with that other Manchester club. ontdfb stays pressed.

i don't think you can handle this

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Adam Johnson hails City unity
Winger insists squad are united

"As a group and a team, we are all together," he told the club's official website.

"Mario's lack of celebration is just him, the way he is. I don't think you can read anything into it.

"That's just the type of person and player he is. He doesn't attach much emotion to it.

"But as long as he scores goals, that's okay with everyone! Mario had a good day.

"He took his two penalties well, tapped them in nicely, and he's shown again that he's a goalscorer."


Manchester City move for Wolfsburg striker Edin Dzeko
Manchester City are in talks with Wolfsburg over the transfer of Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko.

Reports in Germany have suggested that the Premier League outfit are now on the verge of signing the 24-year-old forward for a record Bundesliga fee.

But such accounts are premature, with talks between City's chief negotiator Brian Marwood and Dzeko's agent still at an early stage.

Dzeko is under contract until 2013 and has a buy-out clause of around £30m.

He was linked with a number of clubs last summer but remained with Wolfsburg after clubs failed to meet the escape clause in his deal.

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we are the goon squad and we're coming to town beep beep

Joachim Low
Baden Baden was all about the Wags, but the World Cup in South Africa was about the ­managers. Germany’s Joachim Low is a ­connoisseur of fine-weave knitwear and knows how to loop a scarf. Hair that was made to be raked sexily on the sidelines at moments of high drama.

Jose Mourinho talks about coaching, Real & BARCA PLAYERS

So I've seen this interview on hala_madrid and thought, that:
1. it's really interesting (not only for RM fans)
2. it contains some respectful diplomatic positive opinions about Barca players coming from RM coach (good antidote for some wank/wankness/wankery?.../ here)
3. it gives us great material to some discussion about lololol, nature of football (if anyone wants discussion)
...so maybe few of you _fb folks would like to read it. It's quite good pre-classico text too imho.
Also it's my first post in any lj comm so please be gentle (if it's irrelevant and badly done and tags are inappropriate. I was choosing them long and carefully. them tags).

FIFA.com: Jose, how would you define your coaching style? Is the high esteem your former charges hold you in the best calling card you could wish for?
Jose Mourinho: The players miss me and I miss them. I’ve left behind some true friends at my former clubs and that’s something which transcends the game of football. Missing someone and caring about them is normal amongst friends, just as it’s only natural to hope things go well for your former charges, people who you’ve shared a dressing room with and experienced matches together.

Jose M. & Pep G.

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sauce 1, 2

...and a lulzy pic relevant to recent incident :PPP
red card!
found here (hope the creator doesn't mind sharing)