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UEFA Champions League (SIGH)

The team scores as they stand

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La Liga 2011/12 without Messi and Ronaldo

La Liga finished with Messi winning Pichichi with 50 goals and having 21 assists. Ronaldo’s haul was almost as impressive, 46+12. But who has been more important to his team, whose goals and assists have brought more points?

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Who you know got a swag like me? I put the very in V-I-P.

REALLY interesting article in today's Telegraph, in which the six high-scoring matches between the big teams this season (Spurs vs City, United vs Arsenal, United vs City, Chelsea vs Arsenal, City vs Spurs and Chelsea vs United) were marked in several categories and they picked the best one overall. They looked at categories such as shock factor, how much the ref failed, and hwo fabulous the goals were. Thought I'd share!

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The Oil Firm Derby.

Chelsea hosted Manchester City in the premier league’s very own El Cashico, the nouvelle riche vs the even newer nouvelle riche, London vs Manchester, Champions League vs Europa Cup, and it was a pulsating match!! The game actually reminded me a bit of Chelsea v United in the league last season, actually; both matches finished 2-1 to the Chels despite them conceding first, Chelsea had an opposition player sent off in both, Chelsea was on the receiving end of some great luck in both and both matches were won by a Frank Lampard penalty, which he scored by smashing down the middle.

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Ready those deep fryers.

Portugal Books Ticket to Euros, Prepares to Bring Greasy Back

Two (goals) for you, Cristiano coco.

And here I was beginning to think we'd never get our passport. To quote a sage man, the parties were not easy. Portugal was, to put it mildly, a wreck after Queiroz ran us into the ground at the World Cup with his patented 10 Defenders And Cristiano™ defense, and his delayed departure meant two Euro qualifiers without a permanent coach. How did that go for us? Well… We managed to concede 4 goals in the first, and lose the second. We had 1 out of 6 possible points in our first two games and tomorrow's horoscope wasn't looking so bright and sunny.

Then, a miracle happened! We hired a coach who… Didn't think Cristiano was a striker? Who actually played a center forward as a center forward? Who was competent enough to google "creative midfield?" It turned out all we needed all along was a Football Manager veteran, beginning the question of whether we would have made it past the Round of 16 if we'd hired a 25 year-old gamer who grasped the concept of not putting Cristiano on one end of the field and the rest of the team on the other.

But I digress: we got our act together, and by 2010's end, we managed to bring ourselves level with Denmark and Norway with 10 points. We were back in the game! The Euros were a glimmer in our eye again!

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Match download, or making out download.
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Por hoy pero no para siempre, Inglaterra no necesita entrenar.

To pretty much everyone's shock, England managed to beat Spain at Wembley today :oooo It was an decent game I thought, Spain had all the possession and the tika-taka, but England had a lot going for them too, Phil Jones did very well on his debut, the defence was generally well marshalled and Scott Parker gave one of those quintessential no guts no glory performances that he gave week in week out for West Ham. England were captained by Frank Lampard, it was only the second time he's led England out, but wasn't he a good capitan, scoring the win and generally giving an assured performance. I'll stop talking now and post some pretty pictures *___*

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Yeah, so that's it really! Let's not make this more than what it is, which is a morale-boosting, hard-earned win over an excellent Spain side. We got lucky, but you make your own luck, so. What it most certainly is NOT is an sign that "INgurland are gna win da Eurossss okay and den Rooney willb preiddent 4-lyf!!!!" Moderation. Is. Key.

But for now, I'mma cherish this :))))))
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I was whatever the opposite of trollfacing after the match today (bitchface? hubris-face? sulkface?), but The Guardian posted some photos in their galary from the Ch3l5ea - Arsenal match that were too good not to share! It was an eight goal thriller and rife with defensive errors, but an extremely entertaining match!

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Feel free to spam as many moar pix as you want, bbs!
king rad

so trufax i saw someone with a west ham jersey today

and a really godly good-looking rugby player i mean like puyol's abs with the fact of heath ledger or something good lord

10 Reasons Germany Will Dominate Euro 2012

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by Saqib Ahmed Dadabhoy

With the prestigious Euro competition just months away, players, fans and pundits alike have all began contemplating and predicting what is to happen next summer.

While some predict another runaway victory for Spain's golden generation, many view the Germans as their biggest competitors for the crown. With a team stacked with household names and a coach with a renewed emphasis on attacking football, it seems if anyone is to challenge Spain, it would have to be Germany.

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source has different pictures and you should tell him he is wrong about the whole Klose thing anyway LIES