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Arshavin bbs

This picspam will answer all of your most important questions about Arshavin, like how big are his shoes compared to a pear, and what sort of doors does he have.

Why, you've happened to catch Arsha sitting on a couch with a random person, he tends to do this a lot. This is how he prepared to watch Arsenal play.

If you so choose, you can sit in the same seat Arsha once sat in. Or, if you can, travel back in time and stalk him.

Has to put a jacket on so he doesn't catch a cold.

But no one tells him which hat he should wear.

You are now seeing the world from Arsha's point of view.

Don't you hate it when children get in the way?

He arrives home only to find that the cameras are still there.

Wifey is in the kitchen making some superior Russian food.

Good time for the internet.

The internet is awesome, wonder if he's on ontd_fb.

Arsha is checking the Guinness Book of World records to make sure he still hold the title of wearing the most Arsenal badges at once.

Let's make judgments based off of his kitchen.

Wifey goes out to the pub like a normal person to watch Arsha play.

She also engages in slightly less normal activites.

Hey a parade, and a child that will soon be larger than her.

She's rather fond of pink.

It's her 'causual internet user' look.

Lurpak is a Danish dairy company so that it most likely a giant tub of butter--- Look at them they are adorable!!!

Arsha's going to get some new toys.

The trampoline is being considered.

Oh hey, look a sunroom.

Look at it some more.

And look a door, I told you there would be doors.

As if you haven't gathered enough information to find his house already here's his backyard.

Adorable things happen in backyards.

However, in order for adorable things to happen, backyards must be properly swept.

For all you paying close attention that is the same broom that was in the kitchen.

Adorable things can also happen inside.

Even the youngest baby is learning to use the internet.

There's no concise way to end this, so I'll just give you these baby pics and hope you don't mind.

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