Ellie (miselemeas) wrote in ontd_football,

Squeaky Bum Time has begun!

Ferguson bemoans 'crazy' fixture list

Alex Ferguson has urged someone to step in and solve the fixture chaos that will force Manchester United to play two games in little more than 48 hours.

United's Premier League encounter with Aston Villa will take place at Old Trafford on Sunday, with a 4pm kick-off, even though the Red Devils tackle FC Porto in the Champions League quarter-final next Tuesday.

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Added Bonus:

Rafa Benitez doesn't understand "squeaky bum time".

To have a laugh along with Rafa & the journalists, click the link!

In fairness, in relation to the article above^^^, it is a crazy mad amount of games they have left to play but unfortunately there's only a matter of weeks left in which they have to play them all. That's what a quintuple mission along with Internationals can do to a club.


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