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Two David Silva interviews

Silva: "It's an honour to be the image of tourism for my homeland"

What does Silva do after finishing training?
- Well, I go home. I stay with my family, with my friends... 

Do you have many? (friends)
- Yes

Do you live with your parents?
- Yes

Do you like movies?
- Yes, I watch many films.

What was the last one you saw?
- Oof! I can't remember.

You like to read?
- I read quite a bit. I like it.

What was the last book you read?
-"Un burka por amor", by Reyes Monforte. [In English, the full book title is: Burka by Love: The emotional story of a Spanish woman trapped in Afghanistan]

Do you read the papers everyday?
- Yes. I take a peek when I have breakfast. 

A brand of car?
- Audi.

And of cologne?
- Armand Basi.

Brand of clothes...? 
- It's all the same to me.

Do you delegate it to your Mother? 
- Yes, many times.

Brand of watch?
- I don't have any preferred brand.

Are you admittedly capricious? 
- No. But I like watches a lot, even though I don't have any specific brand I like.

- Whatever's there. I listen to my brother's CDs.

You'll be the image of tourism for Gran Canaria for the year of 2009?
- Yes. It's an honour to represent and be the image of tourism for my homeland.

Do you remember your first goal for Valencia, in Montjüic?
- That one was in the League where we drew 1-1. But the first official goal came in the early stages of the Champions League, against Salzburg.

Did you tape your fantastic goals in the Champions League against Inter in San Siro and Chelsea in Stamford Bridge?
- Yes. They were important games and of course I've got them taped.

Did it hurt when you scored that goal against Chelsea and the whole word broke into praise, one player who is now no longer in the team said that you were still "not quite good enough"? [literally it would be an "almost" but the meaning leans more towards someone not being good enough yet to be in the first team] 
- I don't even remember it.

You don't remember the goalkeeper or the incident?
- (He laughs) I don't remember.

David Jiménez Silva: "I would hate it if I had to leave Valencia because of the club's economic needs."

The Canarian player admits that after three months of recuperation, he can be classified as as a "winter reinforcement" and he assures that he is eager to return to play.

Did the derby with Villareal deserve to have two winners?
- It was very intense for us but it left us with a bitter-sweet taste with the outcome. But in the end, with the opportunities that everyone had, the outcome can be considered just. 

Was Valencia able to deliver in the first half
- Yes. We should have taken advantage and killed the game. What was crucial was the 2-1, the goal that they scored against us near halftime.

You scored against Villareal in the game.
- Of course. So they were a step away from the draw.

Valencia declined (in form) later in the game?
- But in general we had a great game. We gave it all.

For the spectators it was one of the better games of this season?
- Yes, the most beautiful of all. For intensity, for occasions... Maybe the draw was the most just result. It's a result that isn't totally bad, we still are 4 points ahead of them.

With 34 points and 1 game left for the first leg of the league, can you say that Valencia is doing better than expected?
- Yes and also there is still that one game and we have many opportunities to take those 3 points. 

What sort of feelings do you have before the visit to San Mamés?
- It will be a difficult game. Athletic is always a complicated rival at home but we are having a good moment and we can get those 3 points.

Do you think the League is a thing of six or seven teams?
- No. It's everyone's and surely games are going to pass that will be lived with major intensity.

Yes but there's a small group...
- Yes there are some teams that have been hit hard. In January and February we need to play very well to stay above and not slip down the league table.

With Barça, is there none to find their weakness?
- If they continue that way, no one will be able to stop them. But they can also have a bump and a little fall.

Valencia's objective is the Champions or do they also dream of the King's Cup and the UEFA Cup?
- We can't stop looking towards the King's Cup and the UEFA Cup because we are still in all the competitions but most of all we must stay focused on the objective of the Champions league.

What do you think of the rest of the rivals?
- Each one has their own difficulty.

- It seems like not much is said about them, but they are always there. I'm sure at the end they'll finish high in the league table.

Is Madrid not what it once was?
- They have won three games after changing their coach and with the addition of a few players they seem to be recovering and on a good path.

Villareal does not slack off.
- It's a good team that knows how to reinforce, just like Atlético.

Who is, in Silva's opinion, the best forwards in the League?
- There are many good ones. Like in Villareal: Llorente and Rossi; in Atlético: Agüero and Forlán; Eto'o in Barça... there are many. 

And the best defenders?
-  The teams are becoming better prepared tactically and it's more complicated. I don't know... Barcelona, for example, this year they have a very good defense, not just in attack. It's a team that's very tight.

Is Silva a winter reinforcement for Valencia?
- Dude! Yes. After a big injury, you can call it that.

Three months separated from the team must have been difficult, true?
- Very difficult. Later when you start playing again, you feel pain... But now every time I find myself better and eager to play and give the team my bit.

Did you suffer much? 
- I've already had another injury, it's something that unfortunately happens a lot in football. One must learn to go through and sacrifice moments like these day by day.

In your web page it says that we have yet to see the best of Silva. 
- I am getting better. I am young and I want to continue learning and mature more. 

Did you get to feel like a football player again when you returned against Espanyol?
- Little by little you find yourself better. Now I am playing in the starting XI and on top of that the team are having good games and in general we are on a good path.

Was the game against Atlético your best game so far? (You played as a starter and you scored two goals)
- It was a good game for the whole team. I had the luck to score two goals and help and I felt very content. It was like saturday (the game against Villareal), even though in the end it was a draw.

A friend of yours told me to ask you how come of the 5 options that they present to you in a play, you always choose the best and he also wants to know which school they teach that.
- (He laughs because he knows that question is from Voro) I always try to find which is best, that which instinct tells me.

Juventus, just like Madrid or Barça wants you. It's flattering isn't it?
- Ever since I came here, I don't want to think on anything else other than Valencia. The people have always treated me very well and I am content. 

Soriano guaranteed your continuation but if the economic necessities force your transfer...? 
- Yes. I would hate it if I had to leave Valencia because of the club's economic needs. One doesn't want to leave a club of that sort. But those are matters of football and decisions of the club. I don't think about it. 

Do is bother you that people say you are a luxury aid for your companions, especially David Villa? 
- No. There is no reason for that.

With him you form a perfect partnership.
- With Villa it is easy to understand oneself. He is a grand football player.

What do you think when they say that the 11 of Valencia are conditioned for the presence of Silva?
- In the three months of injury, the team has been well, high up in the league table. And when I returned I have tried to give my own contribution.

Unai Emery changed the design. The 4-3-3 became 4-2-3-1
- At best the coach looked for other alternatives because he did not count on just one specific person in between the forward and the midfield but I think it was has served us pretty well.

What is left of that 14 year old kid who left his birthplace of Arguineguín to join the school of Valencia?
- Many years have passed but I try to remain the same.

Who took you to Valencia?
- A representative of Canarias.

No one from the club came to bring you?
- No.

Once you were here, still at a youth, Voro gave you the opportunity to debut with Mestalla against Castellón.
- Voro has always behaved well with me. Now, I have him as my representative. He is a great person. 

Then you were almost transferred to Parma in Italy.
- I had that option but at the end things didn't work out. It was little left to seal the deal.

And you ended in Eibar.
- There everything went phenomenally and the people really treated me well.

And a year after in Vigo?
- That as well. Those were two really good seasons. We entered in the UEFA Cup.

Since the 2006-07 season you entered Valencia and your career has been meteoric. Luis Aragonés did not waste time in calling you up.
- For me it was very important to debut with the selection. It was a dream.

Do you miss the return to the national team?
- Yes of course. I lived some great moments in there and hopefully they can be repeated.

Do you remember all of the coaches you have had?
- Of course. Mendilibar, Fernando Vázquez, Quique... With all of them I have learned much and little by little I have gone up because they hae given me great advice and help.

Did you notice that you have not mentioned Koeman?
- Neither Emery as well. I did not mention him (Koeman) because he was just one of many.

With Koeman you learned very little...
- It was a difficult year and he took many aggressive decisions for the team. I can't say anything bad because for me he was just another coach.

And Unai Emery?
- Very good. He knows how to coach a team and that is the most important thing.

For a guy who has just turned 23, who is a starter at Valencia, an international, who was won the Eurocup... Doesn't fame make your head grow big? 
- With education and humility, one can carry it well.

Do popularity, autographs and interviews including this one on a Sunday after training haunt you?
- (Bursts out laughing) There are people who take it worse than others. The truth is that in my case I don't like it so much... But one must know how to deal with it because it's a thing that goes along with football.  

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