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Free for all Friday


He's like... the German Bielsa, I guess. In terms of say, his influence among high ranking German coaches (he gave Klopp and Tuchel their chance, he's the godfather of gegenpressing). How I came to know the name: after Sam Allardyce's fall from grace when he left the England job, the FA were flirting with Rangnick for the top job but went for Southgate instead. This was on the back of Brexit and I think the FA bottled it because of the whole German link and the xenophobia that intensified (and still continues) post Brexit. 

OP: So, how was your Thanksgiving, Americans? I am doing a few Black Friday buys- on products I've had my eye on for some time.  I also shopped with a few small businesses, who aren't doing Black Friday — just because.  How was your week?


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