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Sunday, Sunday


Neymar celebrates PSG goal with tribute to singer Marilia Mendonca after tragic death

And Conte was right. There. 

Oh, Farke

First scorer to achieve 60 goals in the same year since CR7 in 2014 Top scorer in 2021: 

#Lewandowski | Carries 60 

2012, 2013 and 2014 were records like video game. 2012 

Messi 91 


Christian 69 


Christian 61 

* He has 10 games left in 2021.

For money, we'll wash everything clean

1-2-3-4 , let's start a — oh please don't. 

OP: Done. I hope you have a great Sunday. And why is Ole still in a job? He seems to have gone worse over the seasons? Oh well, not my monkey, not my circus, ay?


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