Free for all Friday


REVEALED: No more betting firms to sponsor front of football shirts after Government's review of gambling laws - with wider ban on advertising on TV commercials and pitchside hoardings under consideration

Tyrone Mings: I'm not in favour of a World Cup every two years

Marcus Rashford's use of social media to be studied by GCSE media students

OP: Done. So, I broke my glasses. To be fair, they should have been replaced last year (I replace them every two years) but Covid. They lasted longer than they should have, and now, the arm has broken. I can barely see beyond the reach of my arm, and my health insurance company only deals with ONE provider in my city. They are a far ways from me. I have no second pair of glasses, so I'm walking around squinting at everything. Oy. And my ecezma has come back around my eyes. Go away!

How the hell was your week?


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