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Free for all Friday


Europa league results


According to TV3, Barcelona's board is addressing possible immediate dismissal of Koeman at a meeting at this time.   firing him would cost € 12M and some are in favor of doing it now.   Another part prefers to wait a few weeks and see if the team evolves.

Manchester City: Pep Guardiola's call for more home fans 'uncalled for', says supporters group

FIFA world ranking. 

How does he keep getting chances?

OP: So, how was your weekend? The end of year is coming up so I'm.... looking at hobonichi again! After three years of hobonichi weeks, I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the techo — I need a diary to plan and write things in. Hobonichi weeks is great for a weekly overview, but now I need to plan my days. Although it's early days yet, it's still something I'm doing. I've done the bullet journal bit, and it's been okay, but honestly, I'm going to try the full Hobonichi experience and report back. 

Anything else? Nowt, really. My flatmate has been given notice by my landlord due to his refusal to pay bills. Now there's war in my whatsapp inbox and the rest of it. I'm not getting involved, because cockroach have no business in a fowl fight, according to my lovely mum. 

So, how the hell was your week?


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