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This is where the ONTD comes in this community — her song is now a Scottish football anthem. 

Can we talk about the rape allegations, though? How that's not even touched in the media at all?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Plane protest over sex assault claim

Manchester United were doing *the most*.  To be fair, it's not as if he's coming back as Prodigal Son, more a conquering hero. 

How was he allowed to stay on the field after choking that Spurs player? (and no safe word, either. Rude!)

Gerrard doing good work there. 

He woke up and chose violence with this tweet (separatist flag from Spain right there)

"Florentino is holding Barça hostage"   "Messi's departure is not due to economic reasons. It could have been avoided"   "Barca agreed with CVC for a month, until Real Madrid said no. They have an inferiority complex with Florentino"

Tebas is the head of La Liga. 

Another day, another injury. 


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