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Free for all Friday


SWE 2-1 ESP (FT) - Finish the world record for Spain: 66 matches in a row without losing in qualifying for the World Cup. The last defeat was 28 years ago (1-0 in Denmark in March 1993). We are repechage meat. Last World Cup without Spain: 1974. Anthological shit.

2/3 of sports fans still rely on free-to-air — agreed. When Europa League was on terrestrial TV I'd watch it religiously. Put it behind a subscription, and I haven't seen it since. Same thing for UEFA Nations League. I have yet to watch a match because it's on Sky. 

Swiss FA confirm Xhaka has not had Covid vaccine

Germany won, 2 -0.

First match in the post Löw era. This is Flick's era now. 

This is how ye get covid. Context after Sterling scored a goal, the Hungarian fans started to throw beers. Kane called the rest of his teammates to shield Sterling, whilst Rice and Grealish were doing football shithousery. I approve of the sentiment, but tut at the hygiene. 

I will say, it's nice to see the England team embrace its personality. Also, the lads as a group seem to be proper geezers. 

OP: Done. I am on break. After a bit of soul searching, I've decided to wean myself off Zara. So I'm looking to French 'high street' brands. The word is, they're more expensive, but higher quality. Seeing the prices though, I now know why French women try and maintain their weight via smoking or small meals. After spending €100 for a top, that ish needs to fit FOREVER. 


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