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So, this happened.  Of course, there's a bit of controversy behind this (although I think the Irish player was making a meal of this in a way). 

Should he have stayed on the field after this? Y/N?

Context re: the Nike pitch tweet upthread. 

Since we're here... I gotta say the island looks beautiful. 

Informs @isaacfouto 

@LaLiga is compiling all the documentation to assess to which bodies can report the situation of the State Clubs (PSG)  

With the current financial Fair Play in Europe, PSG would breach it  

In the UEFA they want to modify it this year

Informs @ruizantonito 

Griezmann lowers the salary he had at Barça  

He is on the same salary scale as Suárez, Oblak and Koke  

Atleti pays the entire token and 10 million for the transfer and agrees to purchase a 40M option at the end of the course

They sold the guy who had 21 on Man United squad to Leeds or Everton, iirc.  So they want to give Cavani 21 and have CR7 reclaim his 7 

OP: Done. Hope you have an amazing day. 


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