Wednesday? Winsday! International Break!


Transfer window SLAMMED SHUT yesterday. A round-up of the stragglers which made the deadline!

Club-states are as dangerous to the football ecosystem as the Super League. We were critical of the Super League because it destroys European football and we are just as critical of PSG. Covid losses + 300M; TV revenue in France -40%; And + 500M in salaries? Untenable.

A photo of him in action in Serie A

Robert Lewandowski when asked if he would wear a rainbow captain's armband supporting the LGBT movement: I wouldn't have a problem with that. Each of us is human, everyone has their own emotions, each person is worth [it] and should be supported.

Bellarin took a pay cut in order to leave Arsenal and join Real Betis.  

There's a lot of drama around this one. PSG want him to stay, and supposedly are trying to woo him into signing another contract to prevent him leaving on a free. But Mbappe wants to join Real Madrid. 

OP: Done. Transfer window closes; international football is on. It's also my birthday week (I will tell you when my birthday is, on my birthday so you can send me cheesecake emojis). Hopefully your Wednesday is going well! 


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