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Lionel #Messi chose the #PSG ! The latest discussions are about a 2-year contract + another optional season. the #PSG is trying to close the deal over the weekend. Messi's father is due to meet the #PSG in the next few hours. The Parisian cloakroom is happy.

James Rodriguez makes Lionel Messi claim and speaks out on Everton future

Rubbishing the rumours about him throwing a strop and not training. 

Nothing  will ever be the same again. Neither Camp Nou, nor the city of  Barcelona, nor ourselves. After more than 20 years at the Club, you will  no longer wear the Barça shirt. Reality is sometimes very hard.
We  met in 2000, we were 13 years old and had a career ahead of us. What a  career! The mother who bore us! If we had designed it at that time, it  was impossible to make it better. F***ing crazy!
In  my first season, after returning to FC Barcelona, we won the treble and  you became the best player of all time. From Rosario to touch the sky  in Rome. That's where the legend began. What came after that is history.  And what a great time we had!
Now  you're leaving, but I know that one day you'll come back. There are  still things to do. Have fun, enjoy wherever you go and keep winning as  only you know how to do. We will miss you here. I love you Leo.

According to @jotajordi13
, Rafa Yuste asked Jorge Messi for a new 30% discount and Leo's father then reproached him for having used his son's name to win the elections

Adidas ‘speaking to Juventus’ over racist tweet

I think it's bronze

OP: Done. I have work to go to today. Such crap weather, too. BOO. 


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