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Free for all Friday


Christian Pulisic interview: Confident Chelsea FC can win Premier League and FA Cup double after ruling Europe

Man City 'Ready' To Break Premier League Transfer Record - Pursuit to Intensify In 'Next Few Days' Jack Grealish is in Man City's sights. 

At its meeting dated 29.07.2021, the Board of Directors of the Turkish Football Federation decided to start the TFF Forest Project studies to plant 1 sapling for each yellow card and 5 for each red card in the leagues, starting from the 2021-2022 season.

I'm side eyeing Qatar. I do remember posting an article about their football set up a few years ago, they even bought a small club in Belgium so that their talents could do with 'European' competition. None of the team are actually ethnic (?) Qatari, iirc.

So. Simeone Biles got the yips (or twisties) and withdrew from Olympic Competition. Footballers (especially black ones) are sending her love

OP: Done. How was your week? I flew for the first time in a while, and man, covid might have broken me, I am flinching at everything and everyone! 


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