Kofferpacken sehr erleichtern. Die Taschen sind von guter Qualität und  die Reißverschlüsse solide. Könnten noch ein bisschen größer sein. Pogba says no to contract extension 

Wayne Rooney's job as manager of Championship club Derby is 'on a  knife edge' after pictures emerged of him partying in a nightclub and  hotel with three 21-year-old women as police drop investigation into his  claim that he was being blackmailed for £10,000 he's too old for this nonsense.

Roberto Carlos: ‘Luke Shaw was the best player at Euro 2020’

La complicada reconstrucción del Real Madrid de Ancelotti: el sueño de Mbappé y 'fichajes'... en casa The complicated rebuild of Ancelotti's Real Madrid. The Dream of Mbappe and transfers (supposedly, Real Madrid is open to selling off everyone. 

What will Varane bring to the Premier League?

OP: Just a lot of friendly matches. What's up with Rooney though? 


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