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Olympic football coverage is here. 


Shock emails that could prove Manchester City DID cheat: Fresh  evidence appears to show Premier League champions had millions funnelled  into the club by Abu Dhabi to help inflate their income

Really? Is he worth another three years, Man United fans?

Tot ziens en veel geluk, Toby! 

Bristol Rovers manager Joey Barton due in court on Monday after woman suffers head injury what a bloody menance he is to women. 

Liverpool legend Gerrard: I'd never take Everton job; not surprised Benitez did

Can I say, the younger Italians (from what I've seen) speak very good English. Back in the day (about 10 or so years ago), you'd only find a certain section of young Italians who spoke very good English doing it because their parents went above and beyond with English lessons, schools, etc. But it seems to be more widespread than usual. 

Tokyo 2020 - Zambia's Barbra Banda makes Olympics history with two hat-tricks – in 10-3 defeat and 4-4 draw Unlucky. 

OP: Done. Stay cool in this summer if you can.


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