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Free for all Friday


Olympic Games: football results. The next matches are on Sunday 25/07/2021

When it comes to this many losses, you look at the coach first, no?


35 eerie pictures that show what happens to Olympic venues after the games end It's telling that Brisbane (Australian city) was the only bidder for the 2032 Olympic Games

Lid van voetbalfederatie bevestigt: met defibrillator mag Christian Eriksen niet in Italië spelen Member of Italian FA says that Eriksen won't be allowed to play in Serie A after his heart attack. This is due to the death of Davide Astori a few years ago. 

The mediation of the players is important, there are people who cannot get vaccinated in their medical history, but others have to do it. According to my work, the players in the team group are the most sensitive, as 36% have taken the covid, fortunately no one is sick

Getting vaccinated is an act of love. In Italy we have very conservative guidelines regarding the health of players. Here Eriksen cannot be eligible. If the defibrillator is removed from the player because the pathology can be resolved, he can return to Inter.

Van Gaal to take charge of Dutch national team one more time - reports — one more time, with feeling?

Covid Vaccination To Be Made Compulsory For Premier League Players

This is like, Marta's 5th Olympics, no?

James Rodriguez exit, Denzel Dumfries alternative, Andre Gomes enquiry and Everton transfer state of play

OP: Done. How are ye this weekend? It's been a scorcher (read: roaster) of a week. I won't complain, because the days will get cold enough and short enough soon enough.


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