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United States  forward Megan Rapinoe said they "got bopped" and did "dumb stuff" as  they lost their opening match to Sweden at the Olympic Games. lost 3-0 to Sweden

Fabian Delph wrongly named as Everton footballer arrested on suspected child sex offences due to strong libel laws in England they can't say who the rightly named one is. 

Everton star arrested on suspicion of child sex offences 'moves into safe house'

FIFA fine Mexican FA $109k after fans' anti-gay chanting this is a song that never ends...

Giorgio Chiellini’s agent: “Marriages are done with two.”

Antoine Griezmann's priority is to stay in Spain. At the moment the Frenchman does NOT open either the Premier or Serie A or other Leagues 

Liverpool stripped of World Heritage status with Everton's Bramley Moore Dock stadium project cited as reason

Phil Neville: Inter Miami boss admits he knows the consequences after 5-0 thrashing extends winless run



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