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El Barça renuncia al patrocini d’H&M per motius polítics         

Barcelona doesn't want H&M as a sponsor because H&M is beefing with China

Atlanta United FC at a crossroads after another coaching change this coach is demented

They accuse Heinze of limiting the amount of water Atlanta United players could drink in practice and denying them days off. In Vélez there were soccer players with eating disorders, who went to sleep without dinner so as not to gain a gram. I saw it. They didn't tell me.

He's from Anderlecht, I think

He's an Everton player. I love the wee Chanel handbag! He and Harry Styles share the same stylist. 

Information of @OscarMartinezTV on #ADiario   Florentino Perez has already told the rest of the club's board of directors that no signings are expected to come this summer  #ElDeporteEsNuestro

Your willingness to help is incredible! Rhineland-Palatinate sticks together!

The whole arena in front of the arena is now full. Even if it is difficult for us: Please do not come to the arena with clothing donations! Thanks for your understanding!#mainz05aerztefanclub 

EXCLUSIVE: Married Premier League player arrested on suspicion of  child sex offences, with club suspending him while police investigate  the allegations

Everton released a statement

OP; Done. Sorry to end the post on a heavy note. 


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