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Saturday, Saturday


Florentino Perez keeps on giving:

So he came here with a girlfriend, he was 21-year-old 3rd generation Turkish... and he discovers Madrid, and that point no more 3rd generation no more girlfriend, he tells his girlfriend to fuck off and changes his lifestyle.

He falls in love with an Italian model, from Milan. He used to take his private jet, go to Milan, fuck with her and return. One day Mourinho, who is very funny, got tired of his shit, and asks Ozil: "Hey Ozil, the bream" they called him the bream, "can I talk to you on a personal level, like father to son?" and the poor guy says "Yes, sure". "Look this girl is fucking with the entire Inter and the entire Milan squad including the staff" and at the end of the conversation, Ozil is like I may end up leaving her.

He told him that even the the staff were fucking his girlfriend, he is savage.

(the woman in question is allegedly Aida Yespica

He's off to Milano!

They told me about it from inside the locker room and now several footballers.   The Real Madrid players do not give any importance to Florentino Pérez's audios. What's more, they say that everyone has days like this.

OP; Done. Today is supposed to be a belter of a day, but I'll be working. 


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