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Sunday — euro 2020 final


Messi won his first major international trophy with Argentina!

So happy for him!

Supposedly this is in Kerala? 

If ye didn't think that we weren't going to give Messi his flowers, well. Now ye know.

Nice photo of solidarity. 

Right. Now, we go'n get hype. 

Euro 2020 final: The English town with thousands of Italy fans

It’s a new time’: Krept and Konan make a football anthem for modern England

This is the rap track that came out of this effort. Considering that all the acts have been white English, singing efforts, this is new. But the FA sought to invite BAME entertainers to submit this time around, since they make up a lot of the national team. Also, grime is a pretty London thing.

The posters have been really decent this year. 

Gareth Southgate sends message to England fans over booing Italy anthem ahead of Euro 2020 final Shameful for us. 

A message from Liz. 

OP: Done. I will be cheering on tonight, no matter what happens.

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