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Free for all Friday



I thought it would have been worse, like us playing behind closed doors. It would have been cheaper if we partook in racism. Those guys get a slap on the wrist!

That's true. 

England vs Italy: Metronome Jorginho, Federico Chiesa and defensive masters - the biggest threats to Three Lions in Euros final

Italy stalwart Leonardo Bonucci says Spain Euros semi-final was ‘toughest game of my career’

He never stops, does he?

Danish family tell of terror after England fans surround bus and punch father

We're getting to the point where we'll be banned from participating in European competitions again. 

His number is 4. You can buy this in the PSG online shop, if you wish. 

For real?  Johnson would have wanted money.

Barça: multimillionnaire, Braithwaite intègre le classement Forbes des athlètes les plus riches The Danish football player has COINS (real estate worth $250 million, plus a clothing brand and a  restaurant in France and Spain. The bag, secured. 

OP: Done! After two weeks of having no washing machine, we finally got the landlord to replace it. I've been up since six o' clock washing, and washing.  My wardrobe is small, so two loads have been enough clothing wise (I've been washing clothes in the tub for the past two weeks, oh my!). Now I'm doing the sheets on a long wash. I normally like short spins like 45 mins, but now I'm reading that that isn't long enough time to wash clothing? But isn't 2 hours two long for clothing that isn't too soiled (it would be different, say if I played a sport or did heavy manual labour). I get it for things like towels and duvets but... clothing? What do you think?


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