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Friday- euros quarterfinal matches!


Euro 2020 - Inside Europe - France exit sparks drama in stands as Adrien Rabiot, Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba families row — drama

Explain @lequipe that during the #EURO2020

there have been frictions between Griezmann and Mbappé. Kylian would be jealous of Antoine's role in the national team. "A relationship far from being friendly," adds the newspaper

So. It's true. 

Wow, okay! This is big. 

Supposedly bigger clubs were taking a look at him, e.g. Liverpool and Arsenal. 

Wait. What?

Info @rmcsport : Agreement between the #PSG and Sergio #Ramos . The Real legend will join the #PSG for 2 years. The brother of the player who is in Paris has reached an agreement with the Parisian management. Medical visit in the next few days.

OP: Done. The games are coming thick and fast. 

Also, can I have a Switzerland tag for football, please? 

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