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Wednesday — no euro matches today


He should have been in the starting XI

I'm so sorry. To follow football is to give your heart to an ache seemingly beyond limit, but on the flip side, joy without dilution.  BUT at least you have a German passport and freedom to work and live in 27 countries. We have... UK and ROI. Swings and roundabouts!

The amount of dragging Löw got from the Germans on my timeline. Tell me, has he really poured that much water into his beer over the years?



2-0 #GER


- For the FIRST TIME in ALL the history of the Eurocup none of the 4 semifinalists of the previous edition (#FRA




) qualify for the quarterfinals.   WONDERFUL TOURNAMENT. 

Tl; dr: OP's thoughts about her team, her country and how the twain aren't meeting. 

OP: I gotta say, I'm of two minds re: England.  I want us to win, but I know the Tories will make political hay out of this. Never mind that they didn't defend the team when they were getting stick for taking the knee — and sided with the racists. Never mind that the team and coach wouldn't support Brexit and the shitshow that the country is now. 

As a Briton, I do support my team, but there's no getting away from the fact that this team... deserve better supporters. 

The lads are thoughtful, respectful, outward-looking aka 'woke' — lead by Southgate who appreciates the diverse backgrounds and attitudes of his squad. I also appreciate the FA who are looking to defang the poisonous jingoistic culture around the England team. From the open letter by Southgate to England to Kane wearing the pride armband to match Neuer's own, to the lads taking the knee, and the statement they issued telling the fans to get used to it. For the first time since- ever, I'm really proud of the English team but ashamed of the country and government that they represent. 


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