Thursday — football is crazy


So, let's talk about last night.  In the space of three minutes, the opponents against England were Portugal, France, Hungary... only to end up with Germany.  Mad ting.

Football is crazy. 

The last sixteen

Match reports

Lukaku did a Q&A yesterday. You can have a look through the threads if you feel like it. An example:


What a great game you guys are giving us !!  #SVK


| 0-5 | 90 '  #SomosEspaña #euro2020 

I forgot that Spain and Poland were playing yesterday. As well as Sweden and Ukraine. LOL. 

Local News

I forgot about this. LOL. 

OP: This post has been pretty much a reaction post! No euro matches today. I think we need to reset and regroup, lol.

Oh, if y'all come across any good reaction posts from last night, please share! 


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