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Free for all Friday


On to the group of sixteen!

So. This meme. Cristiano did a press conference where he pushed the coke away for water. Pogha did that with the Heineken bottles. But the Ukrainians and the Russians are like, lol no. Now UEFA is telling the players to leave their sponsored drink bottles alone.


Bless this child.

Ramos it seems, didn't want to leave Real Madrid. He wanted two years at the club, they offered him one. Then rescinded the offer without telling him. I---

Belgium are through to the next sixteen 

Poland’s Ekstraklasa and Danish Superliga bundled in nine-league rights proposal

Scenes from Denmark vs Belgium match after Eriksen's heart attack. 

OP: Done. How's your weekend shaping up? I was getting ready to enjoy this weekend, but I've gotten a text (yesterday!) for my vaccination on Monday! So I'm now trying on short notice to change shifts. Barring that, I'll just have to use one of my holidays to get this done. Because I take public transport, this is a whole day affair. 


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