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Euros! Sunday! (photo heavy post)


OKAY. So yesterday. Let's do this. Upshot: Christian Eriksen fell in the first half of the match in Denmark vs Finland. Things were... harrowing due to him being unconscious whilst CPR was administered. Update is that he's able to speak and breathe on his own, and his condition is stable, okay? So now, on to yesterday's matches, scores and events. 

Lukkaku dedicated one of his goals to Christian (they are teammates at Inter)

After everything, the players from Denmark and Finland decided to continue the match. Denmark lost 0-1. 

Please learn CPR, folks. 

The football world was really shaken by this. A sampling of some of the messages sent by clubs and players:

Photo album of events here. TRIGGER WARNING:Please note that some scenes are distressing (player fallen, eyes open yet unresponsive)

TRIGGER WARNING: Video of scene.

OP: Done. Hug your family a bit tighter today. 


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