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Free for all Friday! The Euros begin today!


Ramos acepta ahora renovar por un año, pero el Real Madrid asegura que ya no hay oferta — Ramos accepted the year contract extension from Real Madrid'; but Real Madrid have changed their mind and withdrew the offer. 

 "Sevilla have made an offer to Sergio Ramos for five years at a rate of 7 million euros per year and with the possibility of staying at the club when he retires"  https://esradio.libertaddigital.com/directo.html

#Roma, ruined the mural dedicated to #Mourinho : there is #Sarri smoking on the face of the Special One @dariomarchetti7

Informs @melchorcope 

The @RealMadrid I would not frown upon the exit of @RaphaelVarane 

You have one more year on your contract and you have been offered to renew but you have not answered yet  

They think they can get close to 60 million for it 

OP: Done. Strangely, I'm pretty meh about the Euros, but it might be that because I'm in a country with not much football ('soccer') culture, everything seems relatively untouched. In England, you wouldn't be able to move without ads, supplements in newspapers, documentaries or specials on TV and the like. Also, since I have yet to even get a sniff of a vaccine, I'm not going to any sports bars. 

How are you watching the euros, then?


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