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Free for all Friday


Bendtner legger opp – vil bli trener Lord Bendtner retires from football. 

Club  announces  released  players    Luiz and Odegaard have been moved on.

Trippier le cierra la puerta al Manchester United Trippier closes the door on Manchester United. He doesn't want to go, nor do ATM want to sell

New Inter head coach!

England players deserve better than their own fans booing them for taking a knee — the country has become feral ever since Brexit. 

This will end in tears

Antonio Conte: Ex-Chelsea manager clear front runner for Spurs job — I promise you that this will end in tears. 

OP: This is the last day of my two week holiday! 

So, a moan. What in the h- e- double hockey sticks is Apple playing at with its iPhones,? They are the worst at tethering/hotspotting! With my android (no matter which brand of android) it was as easy as breathing? With the iPhone, it's a constant hassle. For a keystone priced product this isn't good enough. If it weren't for the fact that Samsung phones tend to self combust, I'd ... go somewhere else. Supposedly with Apple, this has been an issue since 2012? What the hell are they playing at?

How the hell was your week?


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