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Wednesday — football is crazy


Wow. WOW. Football is crazy.

Even if @MrAncelotti
He later took JAMES RODRÍGUEZ to Bayern Munich and Everton, this time he is not expected to ask for his incorporation again for Real Madrid.

Ancelotti has left James stranded in the UK, lol. 

I'm practising self care. Not looking at this until later when I'm in the world of 4G internet. 

Real Madrid probed the signing of Pochettino for its bench, but preferred to maintain the good relationship with PSG thinking about a possible signing of Mbappé


Mauricio Pochettino wants to leave PSG   The Argentine coach, who arrived less than 6 months ago, has informed the club management of his desire to be released from his contract which runs until June 2022.@SchneiderGrgory#psg 

OP: Football is crazy. 


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