jazzypom wrote in ontd_football

Saturday — Champions League Final


Wait... what? Hold the phone. When did this happen?

Comunicado Oficial: Alaba — signed a five year deal with Real Madrid

Bentornato a casa, Max! — Welcome home, Max! Allegri is back with Juventus. Pirlo has been outsted. 

Koeman supposedly had to go to hospital due to anxiety (papers are hinting that it was a panic attack). This is the pushback. 

Follow the thread, and see what you think?

Wes Morgan: Former Leicester captain targets boardroom role after retirement to force change around racism and diversity — that's where the power is. 

Cristiano Ronaldo tells teammates he wants to leave Juventus

OP:  Done. Dunno if I'm hyped about this match tonight, to tell the truth. Can't both teams just lose?


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