Gareth Bale could make shock decision as Mauricio Pochettino has already issued Tottenham verdict — Bale wants to retire from football after the euros. Tottenham want Pochettino back. 

Antonio Conte to leave Inter and linked with Real Madrid

NEWS @ellarguero 

Informs @ManuCarreno 

A Morata-Dybala exchange has not been considered  

Atlético believes that Morata will continue in Turin, and does not want to combine both operations  

The exchange that would interest Cholo would be Bentancur for Morata, but Juve has said NO

You chose: The @Bundesliga_DE Player of the Season. Thanks for your votes!

Oscar winners agree to make Jamie Vardy and Leicester box office film a reality


The contract has been signed. Flick will be the new trainer after 2020 Euros. Welcome back, Hansi!

This will run and run. 

OP: Done! Sorry for the late post, am on holiday and my internet was dodgy all of last night and this morning. 


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