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Free for All Friday


Tottenham fans fume at Daniel Levy and owners ENIC for putting  returning fans in the upper tier in order to keep sponsorship banners  next to pitch... while charging them £60 for the privilege - the most  expensive of any team in the Premier League oy. 

Don't do it, Sancho

Vaya con Dios, Harry. 

Allegri le dice "no" al Tottenham a la espera del Real Madrid _ Allgri says no to Spurs in the hope for Real Madrid (Zidane is looking to leave at the end of the season).

LFC to create Supporters Board to give fans representation on major fan-facing strategic decisions

OP: Eurovision song contest is this weekend. The UK won't win, but it's one of the nicer entries we've sent into this competition for a long time. 

An overview of the final songs for Eurovision song contest that takes place tomorrow. 

OP: Again, have a good one. I'm travelling for the first time in yonks, and I'm rather scared about the whole thing. OMG being around people again. 


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