jazzypom wrote in ontd_football

Free for all Friday


Dortmund won the Pokal Cup

Eid Murabak already?

Portugal is on the green list, so it makes sense. 

That's the new Nike kit. If y'all are interested, I'll do a round up of the new kits at the end of this season. Some are a mess, y'all. 

OP: So, what's your summer song? After last year, where everything seemed to pall in the pandemic, there's no song that describes 2020 for me. But for spring/ summer 2021, oh, boy. There's this beauty:

Tiesto, The Business. So good. It might be the chilled, almost icy pricks with the pulsating thumps as the backdrop of a voice where the singer has just about had it with this relationship. It's sad, but a banger. It's a song that you walk around listening to in the park on a brisk spring evening; daydreaming about partying where the nights are balmy and the drinks are cool. 


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