Free for all Friday


It was a good ebening. NGL, I am proud of Emery's English. He might have not worked out at Arsenal, but having English as a second language is not a burden, you know?

Wait. What?

Forest Green Rovers call for gambling sponsorship ban

Rafael Benitez targeting Premier League return following Peter Crouch's Spurs endorsement 

OP: Done. I hope this week was good for you. Weather wise, it's been weird. Last week, we were told to expect rain, for all of this week, but barring today, the weather's been lovely. So the hope for me is that I have a decent Saturday because every time weather-wise I've been free off work, the weather's been shite. Anything else? 

I'm ordering some stuff from the UK for the first time since Brexit, so I'm interested to see how it all goes. The store has promised that it's worked out VAT costs, so I shouldn't have to pay duties on this side. Again, we'll see. Also, on the clothing front, I'm trying to get joggers that I can wear around the house, comfortably but it will be smart enough to run errands on the road if I need to. Plus, a smart work cardigan. The struggle is real. 

How the heck was your week?


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