This is a good overview of the situation re: the European Super League (ESL)

Premier League condemns European Super League proposal -what do the owners of Sky Six clubs think?

Joined by @RMCsport the Élysée confides that "the President of the Republic @EmmanuelMacron welcomes the position of French clubs to refuse to participate in a European football super league project threatening the principle of solidarity and sporting merit ”

Soccer-United's Ferguson says breakaway league would end 70 years of history

Riddle me this, Batman. This chatter of a European Superleague has been in the background for a long ass time, so why the sudden cacophany now?

The founders of the Superliga are very calm with the statement from UEFA and the Leagues. They expected it.

Ahhh, this is why.

(ESL- European Super League — they don't have a social media presence yet)

ETA — their website is here

Tottenham supporters' trust  — to be fair the big six supporter's trust have been all, nope.

Only someone who truly hates football can be behind a European super league — the Graun

OP: Tried to find more articles and bits to put in. But it's Monday and work calls. If y'all see anything of note to share, please put in the comments and I'll do another post tomorrow if needs be of the article round ups 


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