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Free for all Friday



So... this happened.  A naked guy got on the field during the Granada vs Manchester United match. People said he looked like Mo Salah and a meme was born. 

Fun fact; all of Griezmann's three children were born on the same day. April 08th is chaotic in that house. 

@KMbappe He will not renew for PSG and his intention is to sign for Real Madrid  

The white club will try to sign this summer to @ErlingHaaland Y @KMbappe

Yooo, you hear that Florentino (the President of Real Madrid ) supposedly wants to step down?

OP:  Done. The weather is back to cold and rainy here this weekend. Ugh. I need some sun. I need a holiday. Also, I'm learning Yiddish on Duolingo. Only because they have a part about complaints, tbh. But the characters are kinda hard to write. Do I need a chisel tipped fibre pen or something?


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