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Zlatan Ibrahimovic 'shot a lion in South Africa after it was kept in  an enclosure for a year before importing its skin, skull and jaw to  Sweden as a trophy', with AC Milan star, who calls HIMSELF a lion, under  fire in his native Sweden (only English source I found so far; the rest is in Swedish)

Video from a British channel. In it, while repeating images of everything that happened, a "Referee !!" is heard in the background.  "(********) dumbass"  "BLACK SHIT (are you going to cry?)"  What is put in parentheses does not differentiate it, but the part of the racist insult is clearly heard.

Diakhaby to the referee: Cala called me a shitty black

Neymar puts PSG contract talks on hold: He is ready to return to Barcelona

Barcelona has no money though?

For the first time, a match of #LaLigaSantander will be broadcast on @TwitchES .  

And what a game!

@IbaiLlanos and @andercortes they will narrate the #RealSociedadAthletic Wednesday, April 7.  

https://laliga.sh/6dw104 #LaLigaCasters

Lord, twitch


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