International Matches


Lukaku's worst culinary crime revealed

Could Conte quit Inter for Premier League?

Moussa Dembélé has fainted during Atlético Madrid training. There have been moments of anguish, but he has been successfully resuscitated and has been in a great fright, according to reports @radiomarca
. The player will undergo medical tests in the next few hours.

Tottenham star Gareth Bale planning to return to Real Madrid next season


Javi Miguel:  

"He complained to Italy that he didn't have minutes and Koeman reprimanded him for speaking inside and not outside."  

"He is on Barça's list of departures because he is insignificant" 

(When did he go to Barça?)

Kitted out

Which is your favourite?

People seem to be divided on this kit

The Argentine on is *fire emoji*

OP: Done. Couldn't sleep last night, so am bleary eyed today. Gahhh


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