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Please note: The draw for Europa league competition (the next stage) will be today, Friday Feburary 26, 2021 at 13:00 CET. Thank you.

Alisson's (LFC's goalie) father jumped into a dam and was found dead, iirc . Also, Guardiola's mum died from covid

Carlo Ancelotti: Everton boss wants to remain with Toffees 'as long as possible'

Rodgers has never liked European competition though? As soon as he can opt out, he does. 

Gerrard up there working magic in the... I was going to say Highlands, but not really. 

OP: Done. 

So, how was your week? After years of being only in Android, I've decided to go for an iphone (it's a perk of the job). It was either an iphone or a Samsung and I'm not really impressed by Samsung. So, iphone users, is it true that there's NO 3.5mm jack? So HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LISTEN TO MUSIC?


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