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Saturday, Saturday!!!


Liverpool striker Sadio Mane could follow Eden Hazard and Hector Bellerin with investment move

Theo Hernandez: The best thing for me and Achraf was to leave Real Madrid

Ryan Shawcross has brought the curtain down on his hugely  distinguished 14-year career as a Stoke City player, the Club can  confirm.

EXCLUSIVE: Goal # 1 of the #Chelsea Heading into next season is Erling Haaland (20).   They will look for a way to cover the economic need of the #BorussiaDortmund with a first offer of 90M € to negotiate.  #RealMadrid Y #Barcelona they will be the biggest competition.

Barcelona has no money

OP: Done. Stay safe. Supposedly we won't be out and about in Ireland until June of this year. 


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