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It's not a coincidence  the owners of Inter Milan, Southampton and West Brom are all looking to  sell: Chinese investors' European venture has reached the beginning of  the endarticle in the comments. tl;dr: asically the Chinese got badly burned by their football adventure abroad as well as paying fortunes for older players and are investing locally in their country at the behest of the country's leader. 

Boateng leaves Bayern Munich squad at Club World Cup after death of ex-girlfriend

Ahhh, have you heard about this? The girlfriend committed suicide on their son's birthday. Boateng and the girlfriend had a really tumultous relationship. 

Tuchel admits Chelsea have Champions League edge after Atletico Madrid lose home advantage

Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge feels that footballers can be COVID vaccination “role models” he wants the footballers to get the vaccinations as 'role models' but people are reading into it that he wants the footballers to be at the front of the queue.

Solved the mystery of Agnelli's sentence towards the Inter bench. At the end of pt Conte (irritated by screams in the stands) shows the middle finger towards Agnelli. After the race, Agnelli yells at him to stick his finger in the most intimate orifice. They had probably wanted to tell each other for years ..

(OP: Get a room)

Man United's £37m Amad Diallo is fined £42,000 for 'falsifying  documents and using bogus parents to push through his move to Italy from  the Ivory Coast' LOL, what?

OP: Done. I'm trying to tidy up and do my bit getting ready for Chinese New Year. 


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