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And it gives you joy in your heart!  

Two-time champion obsession! Waiting for 2 ⃣ 1 ⃣ years ended and the @Palmeiras is again the owner of CONMEBOL #Libertadores

. America is green again!  #Palmeiras


Mess. Rashford is one of the least offensive social media presences out there 

Oblak: “No habría nada más bonito que levantar una Champions con el Atlético”

There would be nothing more beautiful than to win a Champions League with Atletico. 

OP: Done. Please listen to the scientists and stay safe. 

I beg. 

People be outchere dropping like flies because they don't know anyone who's had covid so they aren't masking and taking precautions and yet... their  families mourining on Twitter is their service and their twitter banner their epitath. 


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