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Free for all Friday


Tottenham 'may pay £2.4m to cancel Danny Rose's contract this month'  after he was frozen out by Jose Mourinho, with left back's only  appearances this season coming for Spurs' U23s

January 2, 2021: PSG formalizes the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino 

  January 13, 2021: Argentina's first trophy at PSG 

Neymar reignites row with Alvaro Gonzalez on Twitter after PSG's  French Super Cup win... and Marseille man jibes 'my parents always  taught me to take out the trash' next to picture of him grabbing his  bitter rival's head!


OP: How was your week? The ceiling has fallen in in my room because of water rot. As a result my room is draughty, and I can hear every sound due to lack of said insulation. I have asked my landlord to give me a reduction in rent, because this is untenable. I budgeted for my shopping with €39 only to find that €30 was taken out via direct debit for my bus card. Oh and I've yet to set up my bullet journal. 

How the hell was your week?


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