jazzypom wrote in ontd_football

Thusday, Thursday


Spanish third division team knocked out ATM

Basically Dasilva launched himself into Højbjerg and gave him a bloody shin. So, this happened. 

Jurgen Klopp to face no action from FA after criticism of referee — Wolves would like a word.

Mesut Özil is on his way to Fenerbahçe!   Principle agreement has been reached for a 3.5-year contract.

Tottenham offer £1bn stadium to NHS to help with coronavirus vaccine rollout

国安官宣聘任前克罗地亚主帅比利奇 签约至2022年

Bilic is new Beijing FC head coach!

OP: Done. It is cold over here, thinking about getting a fan heater just to warm up my room a bit. I can't keep going to bed in layers! 


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