jazzypom wrote in ontd_football

Happy New Year

Come through, 2021!


Say his name in all caps, but my goodness, talk about left field. For those in the know, MF DOOM was your favourite rapper's favourite rapper. Known for inventive rhymes skipping over obscure samples. He was the definition of cult. As in, if you knew, you knew.  He died on Halloween but his wife told the world on New Year's Eve. 

For those who follow Serie A- true or no?

Neymar asked to appear before Rio state prosecutors over reports PSG star is holding five-day New Year’s party — a five day what?

OP: Done. So, welcome to 2021. What are your new year's resolutions? I do have a few, but I'm keeping them schtum for now, but it's mostly to do with attitude. I'm going to be more stoic, dealing with the now instad of fretting about the future. 


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