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Free for all Friday


Two pilots under investigation for drawing a penis with aircraft — people just idle, man.

Guardiola signs new City deal! 

FAI investigating Ireland manager Stephen Kenny after showing ‘political’ video to players before England game — to be fair, England hasn't stopped screwing over the Irish. First the potato famine and now Brexit. Shiiiiiiid, I'd be mad too.

Rebekah Vardy suing Coleen Rooney for libel as last resort, court told  — the Wagatha Christie saga continues. 

OP: Done. 

Lately, I'm being seduced by demi-fine jewellery (for the uninitiated; it's the sweet spot between fine jewellery ala Caterier's and cheep and cheerful via Claire's. You go for semi-precious colourful stones paired with sterling silver or gold plated surfaces). The thing is though, what with covid-19 uncertainity, I'm trying to have a cushion of savings just in case things go left; way way left. So I spend my time liking instagram accounts by indie jewellers and curse myself for not getting the winning lottery ticket. How about you? How was your week?


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