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Sunday matches


The Tories finally do the right thing. I think because with Trump out of office, The Tories are going to need a win. Children are getting fed.

'I have to score more goals' - Haaland admits to being wasteful in Dortmund's Klassiker loss to Bayern

Ryan Giggs 'arrested on suspicion of assaulting girlfriend and second person on same night — Giggs is outchere wildin'

So is he good or nah? Everytime this man's job is in the firing line, he hauls his fat out of the fire. 

OP: Done. Stayed up late to watch the speeches by Harris and Biden. Wow, the speeches were professional, fluent and competent. Not saying that America will be great again (a lot of people who voted for Trump might have to be deradicalised, and something needs to be done about the Murdoch empire in both the USA and the UK). But these people seem like rational actors. America saved itself. For now.


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