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Europa League matches

Champions League


Ansu is an exceptional boy who deserves respect like any human being. No to racism and no to rudeness.

(The article compares Ansu's running style as 'a black man running from the police.')

The Özil saga continues. 

This isn't going to go away, huh? Especially since project "Blue Sky" was rejected. 

Barça will denounce Gargamel wanderer for his racist references in his Barça chronicle.   Tomorrow the club's legal services will activate it.

Bayern Munich fans horrified after English ref Michael Oliver chosen to officiate Atletico game (Updated)

'The government are killing its citizens' - Manchester United star Ighalo pleads for world intervention in Nigeria crisis

The teams name is Angel City and will be coming to LA in 2022. 

OP: Done. Lock downs where I am for six weeks. It's going to be hard. 


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